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My daughter wants a dog very badly, but it is simply out of the question for us at this point. I told her that we can get one some day, and when we do, we will adopt a dog if we can find the right one. There are plenty of places to get dogs, but I would prefer to rescue one that has lost their home as long as they are a good fit for our family. Many children ask for dogs as pets, and if you are in this situation, you might want to consider doing the same thing. When considering dogs, however, there are some things you should think about in regards to choosing the right one.

You have to think about the ages of your children when you adopt a dog. Not all breeds do well with children, but you can’t always go by breed. What is great about going to an animal shelter when you want to adopt a dog, or a cat for that matter, is that they have already figured out what families each dog is suited for. That means they can tell you which one will do well with your children and which ones might not have the temperament to deal with the excessive amounts of love that children sometimes like to give.

Another great thing about opting to adopt a dog from a shelter is that they have been seen by a veterinarian, and they should be up to date on shots and will have been spayed or neutered. You do have to pay for a dog you get from such a place, but the cost covers those things, and you usually pay less than if you were to get those things done on your own. If the dog has an illness, they already know about it, and they will never knowingly give you a pet that is sick and might die soon.

You may find that you have to go through a few things before they allow you to adopt a dog, but they do that to make sure you have the right home and circumstances to care for the pet properly. They may ask you all types of questions, and will want to know about children, other pets, and where you live. They may want to know if you plan to keep the dog inside, and other information that protects the dogs from the wrong families. It might seem like a lot to go through to adopt a dog, but when you do, you know you are getting a great pet that matches your lifestyle.

Never Pay Retail Price Again

Never Pay Retail Again!