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Animal Rights

For me, supporting animal rights is a no-brainer. After all, who could possibly be for being cruel to animals? It just doesn't seem like a reasonable position! We have to do all we can to protect the rights of animals, people, and anything that can feel pain. The big debate is where animal protection should start.

For example, many people in the animal rights movement believe that any animal experimentation, use of animal products, or even ownership of pets is abusive. Other people disagree and draw the line at a less radical position. There are a lot of people, for example, who think that we shouldn't have factory farms but that eating animals is okay as long as they are raised in a free range environment. Other people believe that eating animals isn't moral, but experimenting on them when it is medically necessary is. It is all a matter of interrogating your conscience and finding out what the correct answer for you is.

There are plenty of animal welfare groups out there who can give you more information. Before you get involved in protecting the rights of animals – or any other cause for that matter – you should make sure that you are as well educated on the issues as possible. After all, there is no point in taking a position that you don't know about. If you haven't taken the time to learn all the facts, how can you possibly be qualified?

Even if you don't have a radical conviction that animal rights are an important issue, you can still get involved in some capacity to help animal welfare. Virtually everyone believes, for example, that people should spay neuter their pets to protect prevent overpopulation. If you want, you can go down to the local Humane Society and get involved in a drive to encourage people to properly care for their animals and stop them from breeding unwanted puppies and kittens.

If you want to get more involved in animal rights issues, there are plenty of organizations to give you information. PETA is the most radical and most well known, but there are other ones that have more of a broad-based, moderate following. Groups against animal product testing, for example, don't necessarily believe in radical direct action. They simply believe that it is cruel to subjugate animals to laboratory experiments. A lot of fairly moderate people can get behind this position. If you can too, you should join them.

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