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The holidays are now over, and the aftermath begins. In many families the kids had been bugging all year long for a puppy or a kitten. And the decision was made that that Christmas was the perfect time to surprise them with a brand new pet. In fact, Christmas is one of the most popular times of the years for people to get a new pet. They’ll spend hundreds of dollars finding the perfect purebred puppy or kitten and making it a new member of the family.

Sadly enough, within months some of those brand new pets have become a nuisance and are taken to humane leagues or neglected. Getting a new pet isn’t just a last minute decision. It takes a lot of time and thought. Plus, spending a small fortune on a purebred pet might not be the wisest of ideas either. Take a few minutes of your day and visit a local animal shelter. You’ll quickly see how many animals for adoption there are. If you know that you do want a new pet, there are animals for adoption that will make just as wonderful of a pet as a purebred. They won’t cost you a small fortune and they may be even more loyal knowing that you rescued them for a place that they just didn’t want to be. Or, you can wait a few weeks or months after Christmas and take a stroll through the same shelters. You may just notice some purebred animals for adoption that you can almost guarantee had been given as a holiday gift.

There are so many animals for adoption in shelters that many of them never make it to finding a new home. If a shelter is too crowded, some animals are destroyed before they have a chance to be put into a cage. Too many people give up on their pets and surrender them. Worse yet, people who don’t want their pets anymore will simply dump them somewhere and hope that they survive. They’ll be brought into a shelter as a stray and stuck wondering if they’ll ever find another home. Animals are not toys; they are not disposable. If you adopt a pet, it is a huge commitment. You can’t just grow tired of them and toss them out. You have a responsibility. So many parents think that allowing their child to get a pet will teach them responsibility. More often than not, it’ll teach the parents that they really can take care of another living creature in addition to their own family, and also that a new pet is for life, not just for christmas..

If you’re looking for a new pet, take the time to think about just how many animals for adoption are waiting to meet you at your local shelter. You just may find a best friend for life.

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Never Pay Retail Again!