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Want A Career Working With Animals?

My daughter recently told me that when she grows up, she wants to do careers with animals. I was not surprised at this, as she loves animals. I’m a bit worried because she’s five, and she’s not that good with our cats. On the other hand, she is very young yet, and I think her career choices are going to change many times before she finally comes upon what she wants to do. She may still choose this, but I’m sure things will change in the long run.

However, if she decides that she still wants careers with animals, she has a few choices that I didn’t think of until I looked them up. There is the job of veterinarian that most think of first, and I think that would be a great job. I don’t think she realizes that it can also be a heartbreaking job, but there are some things that she simply should not have to think about at her young age. For now, I’ll let her think it’s a happy job.

Those who want careers with animals also have the option of working at a zoo. Some are animal experts, and some go on to be zoo keepers. Though that term isn’t heard very much anymore, the jobs are just as numerous as they once were, if not more so. If you have a zoo, you need someone to run it that knows a lot about each of the animals. Other zoo employees help take care of the residents, and those can be great careers with animals that would be very fulfilling for the right person.

There are also careers with animals that might entail something like dog grooming, or working in the wilderness with the wild animals. Though you may not work one on one with them, you may have to rescue some of them, and you have to do all you can to protect them and their environment. For an animal lover, these careers will all be very rewarding. I’m not sure the idea will stick with my daughter, but I think I would be very proud to have her pursue such a career. It might not be rocket science, but caring for animals in any way shows a very strong and caring character, and if she grows up with that, I have done my job correctly. I’ll be proud no matter what, but if she choose to care for others, humans or animals, I will be content that I did good.

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