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More on Caring for Kittens

Kittens are often a lot of fun, but they do need special care. They also have a tendency to do some things that might not be so welcome, but understanding why they do them is essential when caring for kittens. Being the balls of energy they are, many who have not had one in a while are often surprised about how much trouble they can find. They are also a joy though, and even though older cats are often good choices, many will get kittens so they can have a cat from early life and on.

When it comes to caring for kittens, the first consideration should be food. They should really be fed kitten food instead of adult food. Their bodies are growing very fast, and they are very active, so that means they may need to get more out of their food in the way of nutrients and calories. Many companies make kitten food, and that makes this aspect of caring for kittens rather easy. It might be tempting to give them milk, but this is often not good for them and their systems can’t handle it. However, there are some companies that make a milk just for cats, and that might be fine.

Beyond food, kittens need to play. This is an important part of caring for kittens. If you don’t make the time to play with them, they are going to play with whatever they can find. Often this means your best shoes or the corner of your leather couch. They have claws and they are not afraid to use them. This is not something they do to make you mad, it is simply something that instinct tells them to do. It is smart to get some toys to play with them, and also, to teach them how to use a scratching post. Whatever you do, do not get them declawed. This practice is barbaric and takes off a cats toes down to the knuckle.

Other aspects of caring for kittens includes teaching them to use the litter box if they do not come to you litter trained. I have never run into a cat that had a problem learning this rather quickly. Show them the box, and even dig around with your fingers so they see what you are doing. If they have an accident, just transfer that accident to the box and show them what you have done. Most cats get it very quickly. Some may even find that litter training is one of the easiest parts of caring for kittens.

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