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Cat Shedding

Some people own cats with very short fur because they don’t want to deal with cat shedding. The problem is that all cats shed, and even those with no hair can cause problems for those that have an allergy to cats. Most cats shed, and they shed a lot, and there are only some things you can really do about it. It is next to impossible to keep all cat hair out of your home and off of your stuff, but there are some things you can do to minimize the amount. It won’t help with allergies, but it will keep you from getting a mouthful of hair when you lie your head down on your pillow to go to sleep at night.

One thing you can do to prevent cat shedding would be to keep an eye on the time of year. Most cats grow a thick coat as the winter comes, and they remain fluffy throughout the cold months of the year. However, when the spring weather starts to warm up, cat shedding is going to start in earnest. You may notice handfuls coming off when you pet your cat. You can eliminate some problems by brushing them once a day with a brush that will hold onto whatever comes off the cat.

Brushing helps with cat shedding, but it is not going to help completely. Your pet is going to be lying in all of his or her favorite spots, and they are going to leave hair there when they get up. These spots might include your couch, your bed, and any other soft place that makes a good bed for them. These are the areas that you may have to vacuum on a daily basis. It will be a pain, but you will be glad you paid attention. You may also want to consider a good air filter if you have many cats shedding at the same time. That keeps the fur out of the air for the most part.

If you have allergies, cat shedding fur is not your problem. The fur is not what triggers the allergy, though it can cause sneezing if it gets into your airways. What causes the problem is the dander. That is nothing more than a fancy word for flakes of skin. These flakes come off the cat all of the time, and may be attached to the fur flying around. The protein that causes the allergy is in the dander. What that means is that no matter how well you take care of cat hair, there is nothing you can do about a bad allergy other than taking strong medications or getting rid of your furry friends. Neither is fun, but you can’t suffer with your allergies forever.

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