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Flea Collars

Many people consider their pets an essential part of their lives. Cats and dogs alike are part of the family, with their friendly, loyal personalities and comforting companionship. Just like family, we don't want them to suffer. Unfortunately, millions of cats and dogs suffer every year from painful and potentially life threatening flea and tick infestations. Some cases are so bad that the animal is constantly itching and biting himself, causing even more harm. What's worse is that the fleas and ticks can be easily transmitted to humans and their homes. In this scenario, the owner could end up paying hundred of dollars to fumigate their home. All this discomfort can be avoided with a simple visit to the pet store – getting flea collars for their pets.

Flea collars are one of the many wonders of modern science. Made from plastic resins and pesticides, a flea collar is simple to use and can last either three, six, or twelve months! Best of all, it's non-toxic to your beloved pet.

When purchasing a flea collar for your pet, there are two things to take into consideration – does the animal already have fleas, and do you have small children? If the first is true, you will need to give your cat or dog a preliminary bath in flea and tick killing shampoo. Otherwise, the flea collars will be ineffective.

If the latter is true, you will need to keep the animal away from your child. Children are much more sensitive to chemicals than adults, and may accidentally ingest the powder that coats the collar.

Flea collars work by attacking the cause of fleas – larvae. When fleas infest an animal or its bedding, they lay their eggs. Because of this, an animal can be infested with as many as a million fleas within a year. Flea collars nip this problem in the bud.

A mistake that many owners make is that they can put flea collars designed for dogs on cats, and vice versa. This should never be done, because the doses of flea killing medication are different. Collars designed for dogs may kill a cat, and cat collars are ineffective on a dog.

Using a flea collar is quite simple. With its flexible and durable construction, you don't need to worry about cracking or breakage. When you remove the collar from its box, you'll find that the collar is usually much too long for your pet. This is to ensure that the fit is perfectly tailored to your pet. When putting the collar on your dog or cat, make sure you can easily slip one finger between the animals neck and the collar. Once buckled, use a pair of scissors to cut off any excess length of collar. Now you are ready to enjoy bonding time with your furry friend, comfortably and safely.

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Never Pay Retail Again!