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If you love wildlife, you probably love to see it as often as you can. I remember standing with my grandmother looking out a window at the back of her house when I was a little girl. There was always something there to see, though the most common things we saw were deer and squirrels. I always loved to see the wildlife near her home, and I know many feel the same as I do. If you want to attract animals to your property, you can place wildlife feeders around, but you do have to do some things to protect those animals once they begin to use the feeders.

Animals that find a steady source of food will return to it time and time again. This is why wildlife feeders work so well. However, this can put the animals in danger. You should never place wildlife feeders where animals must cross a road to get to them, or where they may be lured near another road or highway. Many will be killed trying to get to the wildlife feeders. Make sure you place them where the animals will be safe, even if it means you can’t always seem them when they come.

You also have to think about hunting season. When you have wildlife feeders, you cannot allow hunting within a certain amount of space. It is usually a rather large buffer zone. It is not legal to have wildlife feeders to lure animals in to a hunting area. Instead, if you own the property, you have to post a certain area as off limits to any hunters. You could incur large fines if you are not careful about this. You also have to enforce the no hunting rule and report anyone who ventures too close to the wildlife feeders.

Though these feeders are very helpful, they aren’t needed as much in the summer as in the winter. If you can’t pay attention to them all of the time, try to be extra careful about putting out food in the winter for animals that cannot find what they need. Just remember to have these wildlife feeders far enough away from your home to keep danger at bay. These can sometimes draw bears, and not all of them are happy to go away when the feeders are low. They may come near the house to find what they are not finding in the feeder.

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