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Building Your Own Chicken Coup - Review

If you are thinking of keeping hens, and who isn't in these financial times,then you will need a building to keep them in at night and a place where they will lay their eggs so that it is convenient for you to collect them.

Build your own hen house

There are, however, a number of things you need to take into consideration before building your hen house. It is not just a matter of nailing a few pieces of wood together and surrounding it with chicken wire.
For hens to lay eggs of good quality and regularly, they need to feel safe, secure and comfortable. By building your own chicken house, you can save yourself many dollars and have a chicken coop exactly to your specifications.However, there are a number of small, details that you should take into account before you design and build your hen house.

Building a Chicken coop gives you all the information you need to ensure you do not make costly mistakes when you design and build your own chicken house.

This book includes easy to build plans which require no special tools to build your own chicken house. Of course, these plans can always be altered to suit any special requirements you have. If you have undertaken D.I.Y. projects before, these plans can be built from materials that you are likely to have lying around, thus saving you money.

One of the best things about this book is that it is simple to read and explains technical concepts without resorting to jargon. It gives advice not only on how to buuild a number of diferent types of hen houses including small, portable chicken houses and medium and l;arger houses. It also gives advice about what type of chickens to keep in you checken house. If this is your first foray into keeping hen, this is invaluable.

Building a Chicken coop also shows how to build a nesting box out of food packaging you would normally throw away. This not only will save you big money but is also good for the environment. Putting waste materials to a second use is much better that recycling (which is also good). It also explains why you need the right ventilation so your chickens lay more eggs and shows you how to provide it. If you have never tasted a fresh laid egg, then you are in for a treat. Not only do you know where they have come from, that they are not full of chemicals and artificial hormones, they taste so much better than shop bought egs, there is no comparison - and they are readily available just outside your door.

Building your own chicken coop make providing a home for your hens easy and inexpensive. It is not an expensive hardback book but is available to print straight off your computer, nothing could be easier. No trips to the shops or shipping costs.

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Build Your Own Poultry House


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